The building in which the CESARSKI HOTEL is located has traces of history. It is one of the few that survived in this city in an almost unchanged shape and at the same time the oldest hotel facility in Giżycko.

From the very beginning, the building belonged to the richest townspeople. It was built by brewers (or else sweet-creamers) – people who had the right to produce and sell beer – we do not know their names.
In 1832 Johann Kuehn (grave digger) became the owner of the tenement together with his wife Heinrietta Gottlibe from the house of Albrecht.

In the years 1843-1871, the house was owned by August Otto Bielitz – poviat staroste (landrata). He was a man deeply involved in the life of the city of Giżycko, he organized many celebrations. While organizing life in the city, the staroste invited eminent guests and provided them with accommodation in their elegant property.

In July 1851, the landrat was received here by the King of Prussia, Frederick William IV. The king traveled from Królewiec, where he participated in the unveiling of the monument to his father Frederick William III. It was not the first visit of this ruler in Lec (then the name Giżycko), which, as Ernst Trincker reports in his “Chronicle of the kehilla”, devoted a lot of attention to the Mazurians. It is from his orders that numerous drainage works have been carried out, road construction and Masurian canals. He ordered the location of a defensive fortress in Lec (Minister of War, general Boy von Boyen, solemnly laid the cornerstone for its construction, gave his fortification his name).

On July 31, the city took on a festive décor. The houses were decorated with garlands, and banners fluttered from their roofs. The king entered Leca at 9 am by two specially constructed triumphal gates, among bells and shouts of the gathered people. After visiting the Giżycko fortifications, he stopped for a night at the Landrat Bielitz, where he received guests, representatives of municipal authorities and tasted Masurian cuisine.

In 1863. house at today’s pl. Grunwald No. 8, he received another guest from the royal family of Hohenzollerns – prince Frederic William, later German Emperor Frederick III. On the beautiful June day of 1863, Prince Frederick greeted solemnly before the Ełk Gate in Giżycko.

The later emperor spent three days in Giżycko (visiting Sztynort in the meantime). He visited, among others a fortress that greeted him with beating from the guns. There, he accepted the parade of the garrison and personally guided the practice drill. His visit was accompanied by his wife, Princess Victoria (the eldest daughter of the Queen of Victoria, Victoria). Accommodation in Giżycko of course provided landrat.

In the years 1869-1887, part of the house was used by the post office.

In 1887, Paul Ebner (forwarder and councilor of Giżycko) rebuilt the building and opened the first hotel in Giżycko, an exclusive hotel (24 guest rooms). In honor of the Emperor, he was called “Hotel Kaiserhof”.

The next owner of the hotel was Steiner.

After 1930, the hotel was slightly rebuilt by another owner – Backhaus. A veranda was added from the front and the roof was raised. After his death, his son-in-law named A. Strubel took over the house.

After the war, for a while, the accommodation was provided here by “Orbis” while running the Hotel and the famous “Central Restaurant” operated here.

The current owners restore the former splendor of the tenement house. They returned to the former name of the “Hotel Kaiserhof”, translating it into the Polish language “Imperial” (kaiser – emperor).